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オルガンを「漕ぐ」| "row" an organ

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本田雅子さん。Masako Honda

Masako and assistants at the console.

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Masako Honda has made the good proposition of Yosegaki for Japan at the Lundi d'Orgue concert for five weeks of this Spring.
Yosegaki is a Japanese tradition of collecting the words of encouragement and the signatures for a specific occasion.
Masako is an organist living in Antwerp and she played the concert of last Monday with all-Enrico Bossi program to celebrate the 150 years of his birth.
Last week, I was at the organ with my two arms heavy with anger affected by the catastrof in my country, this week I was at the side of Masako to do the assistant, together with Rieko Higasa, our organ scholar.

The registration was as elaborated as
the Widor played by Rieko in the beginning of March, the assitants had a good work to accomplish.
But the result was beautiful contrast of sounds and colourful changes.
Hard to describe but the audiences must have enjoyed it.

Starting with a great fanfare movement, the initial idea of cheerful beginning, must have been hard to carry now that the concert is dedicated to the thoughts for Japan.
Especially Masako herself was in Kobe when they had the also huge earthquake of Kansai, 16 years ago, and she knows what is like. But she proceded calmly and firmly as usual, just telling us " It IS hard.", and played a great concert.

She did well not to exchange the fun pieces against anything else, but just to play them in convincing way. We heard that she really put her soul in it, and when the last bars of the big fugue ended with full chords, the applause rose at once, which is unusual at the end of such unknown compositions. We, the assistants bursted in clapping with them as well, full of joy on our faces. I actually felt as if I was rowing a kind of boat, the boat of music, with Masako and Rieko. The organ was the boat, to carry something to somewhere.

The first two photos are taken last week.
The very first one is the view from the organ loft, and we can see organ (fake) pipes on the two sides of its frame.
In the second photo, they are signing the Yosegaki in front of the big blue charity box.
(All the photos taken last week were unfocused. Why?)

After the photo of Masako, we sat together for a souvenir, and I said in my heart:
"Well done again and thank you, Loret Organ".

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