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録音のあと|After the recording

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After the short night of the return from Strasbourg, we went to the mass and a choir rehearsal, which was canceled. At this point, my daughter realised that one of her homeworks was missing ... and supposed that would have stayed behind.

The secretary of the church of Strasbourg wrote to tell me that indeed she found three lost objects. It was Madeleine who went after her work to collect them and sent us the package on following Tuesday, which we received already on Friday the same week.

I have written the diary of the past three days of the recording, and when I re-read them, I realise how much I love the way people live their lives.

It's not because they 'helped me' in my recording project, but because I had time and chance to share their lives through it. And it's all encouraging, I can't descrive why.

The two weeks which followed this happy experience gave me occasion to concentrate on the concert of Duruflé's Requiem, to assist another impressive 'Messe des Artistes' which marked the end of the liturgical year at the Cathedral, to play the Lundi d'Orgue concert with the female composer's works, to discuss future with my gynecologist, to support my husband who had a little chirurgical operation in his mouth with half a day hospitalisation, to discuss with my close friend a serious subject over a cup of tea, to give organ lessons, to discover the dissappearence of the head master from the school where I organise piano lessons, and to record one radio program.

In between, I manage to fall ill, and missed two lessons and a meeting.

I felt as if I was going through a snow storm which was not irrelevant, as we had our first snowing last evening.005.gif

This week-end sees already the first Advent.

I am telling myself to calm down, not forgetting to thank God whatever happens, to prepare the Chistmas.

by momoyokokubu | 2010-11-27 06:35 | 鍵盤楽器