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The woman begging in front of the church sings her phrases operaticly to ask money.
I am too often there to be able to give coins each time, nor have coins in easy reach.
She has been there since already some years, and she knows that I would not be giving her anything.

Now when she sees me, she says 'Bonjour Madame.'
I will say bonjour too in return, fixing each other's eyes (because she has this way of fixing me in the eyes!).

Today I arrived before the Lundi d'Orgue concert by bicycle and was nearly running to escape the chilliness in the street.

For some reason, she started ' Bonjours Madame! Vous êtes gentille. Que Dieu bénisse.'
First time to receive a blessing in the street...


A boy of around five years and his father were playing Tzigane in the metro.
When the white accordeon and the little tambouring started to play, we all the passangers were gazing at them, stupefied!

The young boy's tambour, using the palm of the left hand for the beat and the wrist for the off beat, was so exellent that never stopped to stick to the music of his father, which was rapide, accelerating all the time, and strong beat hitting slightly too early.

A tool man approached them and said to the father
'Please buy him something.'
and he put his hand on the head of the boy for a second, as if to give him a blessing.
He gave some money in the hand of the father.

Young boy turned his tambour up and started to pass around between the passangers.
We all gave some money - the mini tambour of only about 15 cm diameter, with tiny cimbals around it, gave a little 'shunck' each time some coins dropped inside.

They were exchanging words in the language that I have no idea what it was, and got off at the Art-Lois station in the middle of cloud.

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